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The primary objective of this phase is to review submitted trade packages and technical submittals and ensure they meet the design requirements. The Project Manager will provide a main link of communication between the design and CM teams and work closely with them to deliver the described work items on schedule.

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The Omega Team will continue to be fully engaged throughout the construction administration process.

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During the Construction phase, OMEGA will work closely with The Client and the respective stakeholders. Communication throughout the construction phase will be critical for a seamless and successful process.

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OMEGA works as liaison between the client and the general contractor/Construction Management firm for transparancy and successful completion of the project.

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OMEGA Project Management team is responsible for overseeing the project and delivering a quality product on budget and on schedule.

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Its purpose is to ensure that the construction project follows all relevant regulations, including building standards.

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Our Projects

Before Construction

Thorough planning and design are essential before starting any construction project. This includes creating architectural and engineering plans, obtaining necessary permits and approvals, and developing a comprehensive project schedule.

Under Construction

Construction progress involves monitoring and recording the actual work performed on-site. This includes tasks such as excavation, foundation construction, framing, installation of utilities, finishing work, and any other relevant construction activities.

After Construction

Final inspections are typically conducted by relevant authorities or inspectors to ensure compliance with building codes, regulations and specifications. These inspections cover various aspects such as structural integrity, electrical and plumbing systems.